Things To Do in Dubai / Best Places to Visit in Dubai / Things To Do in Dubai : Best Places to Visit in Dubai for Buying Watches : List of the Best Watch Stores in Dubai City
Dubai Directory of the Top Watch Store, Best Watch Store, Guide to Watch Store in Dubai City. Find Best Watch Store in Dubai UAE.
Dubai Directory of the Top Watch Store, Best Watch Store, Guide to Watch Store in Dubai City. Find Best Watch Store in Dubai UAE.

Things To Do in Dubai : Best Places to Visit in Dubai for Buying Watches : List of the Best Watch Stores in Dubai City

Things to Do in Dubai : Dubai Companies List with Email Address & Contact Details

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    Dubai Watch Buying Guide – Though it is quite natural to feel spoilt for choice with so many watch-manufacturing companies introducing new designs, price tags, sizes, materials, techniques and features in a wide range of watches, shopping for watches can be a bit confusing for first time buyers.

    This article aims at providing a watch buying guide for those new to watch shopping and presents a handy overview of the top 5 features of a good watch so buyers know what they should be looking for in a quality timepiece. Some Latest Developments In The Watch Making Industry

    Researching the current watch making industry and learning about available brands and corresponding price tags for the designs you like best is a smart way to begin your watch-buying plan.

    Changing trends, new materials, latest styles in watches as well as celebrity picks for top end designer watches are all deciding factors for most watch buyers keen on making an informed shopping choice when it comes to buying quality watches.

    Being a smart shopper when it comes to watches means knowing where to find bargains, being able to source reputed retailers of designer or luxury brands, trusted merchants stocking antique watches, stores dealing with chunky sports watches and other special types that would be easy to miss out on – without a bit of homework.

    5 Features of a Good Watch – Personal shopping experts recommend that first time buyers of branded watches look out for the best combination in terms of the most important factors influencing watch quality, which are namely, Budget, Aesthetics, Materials, Shape and Lifestyle.

    There are many affordable yet trendy and durable watches launched by international manufacturers today that combine style, functionality, accuracy and pocket-friendly aspects in them, offering multi-functional features in the $300-$1000 range.

    Handy Hints For First Time Watch Buyers – Visit online forums discussing trendy timepieces or best designer watch sites to learn about the best bargains on the net. Type ‘hot deals’ or ‘discounted watches’ in the major search engines and look out for festive price slashes or auction sites for affordable watches.

    For those keen on easy night viewing on their watch, a timepiece incorporating LED technology is recommended.

    Opt for the novel two-tone look favored by celebrities sporting designer watches, which is usually a combination of two precious metals or buy a watch made of the latest materials like carbon and ceramic for a watch that ensures second glances for you each time you sport it!

    Go basic and then move on to bigger brands once you are confident of your watch buying skills so you don’t end up paying high end prices of a designer watch only to be stuck with a fake luxury watch – remember, replica makers abound in the online world and make a profit off ill-informed buyers who cannot distinguish an original from a designer replica.

    If you are keen on a branded luxury watch, make it a point to only shop at a reputed local jewelry store, where you can verify the quality of metal, gemstones, series, complexity of hand-finish if applicable) and other elements that can only be judged in person, thus, avoiding Internet rip-offs.

    Check the strap or band of the chosen watch for its finish and also the manufacturer’s warranty on replacement of parts and servicing so you can invest in a quality watch and ensure after sales support too.

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    Dubai Watch Buying Guide for Men – When you want to buy a new men’s watch, you’ll have a lot of watches to choose from. But where to start? With all the Armani Exchange watches, Fossil watches and Citizen watches on the market it can be difficult even knowing where to begin. Here is a quick guide to the main factors that you should consider the next time you decide to buy a men’s watch.

    Style – This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a new men’s watch. Men generally wear less jewellery than women, and a watch is often the only piece of ‘jewellery’ that many men will wear.

    You should remember that watches like Seksy watches and One watches are not just to tell the time and a watch will say something about your image and style, so you should buy one which is in tune with your own personal style. Consider your wardrobe, your other items of jewellery and where you will wear it, and this should guide you on choosing the right watch.

    Price – Price is one of the most important factors to consider when you buy a new watch. Rotary watches, Diesel watches and other brands can end up costing you quite a bit of money, so you have to work out a budget and decide what you are willing to spend before you start looking. Watches can get quite expensive for the top models, so make sure that you don’t get tempted and buy one that costs more than you can afford.

    Brand Name – There are many excellent makers of watches, some of which you will be familiar with and some of which will be new to you. Many makers are responsible for producing excellent watches, including Philippe Starck watches and Police watches, and you should try to choose a watch from an established company to be sure that the watch has been made using the highest levels of craftsmanship.

    Quality – If you choose a good brand then the quality should be very high. But you should also enquire about the individual features of the watch to decide whether it is a high-quality product. Check the stainless steel or leather strap and make sure that the glass covering the face is strong. These factors will be responsible for ensuring that the watch lasts for many years so you can keep enjoying it for a long time to come.

    Purpose – When it comes to choosing a watch, no matter whether you want to buy L.E.D watches, DKNY watches or any other make, ensure that it fits the purpose that you want it for in the first place. If it is just to look stylish when you are out socialising then a classy gold or silver model might be a good option. However, if you want to wear it whilst participating in a sport then a solid watch that is built for this purpose is a better idea.

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    The Best Luxury Watches For Women at Great Prices – The watches made for women are especially designed keeping in mind their feminine grace and style. They are usually leaner, sleeker and tend to make a fashion statement.

    There are several designer watches made specially to befit a woman’s mood and the occasion that she is dressing up for. Party watches are elaborately designed and studded with crystals, beads, pearls and diamonds. The materials used are gold, silver, titanium, leather and steel. Some of the finest designer and luxury watches created for women are by the famous watchmakers of Bertolucci, Breguet and Wittnauer.

    Women also prefer to wear jewellery watches or bracelet watches matching their outfits and other jewels they may adorn. Some of the brands that are famous for their watches especially designer jewellery wear are Van Cleef and Arpels, Harry Winston and Klaus Kobec.

    Besides precision, elegance is a word that is closely associated with Swiss brands, which have been known to design some classic timepieces for women. Designer watches by Baume et Mercier, Audemars Piguet, Hublot and Louis Erard are some such fine examples well-suited for the discerning woman. Some of the less-extravagant luxury brands like Chase Durer have beautiful watches for women as well. There are several fashion brands that are either exclusively for women or whose product lines distinctly favour women’s styles. These would include Michele, Anne Klein and Givenchy.

    Surprisingly, luxury watches are favoured more by men than women. This perhaps is because a good designer watch is often the only piece of jewellery that a man may adorn while a woman, besides a watch may have also boast rings, bracelets, bangles etc. It would not be uncommon for a woman today, to wear a latest tech watch or adorn an expensive sports watch instead of a luxury ladies watch all the time!

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    Designer watches have an appeal that has lasted generations. No one would question the attraction of such names as Ice watches and Police watches. But what is it about these watches that makes them so appealing even today?

    Perhaps it is the simple elegance of a designer watch that makes it so appealing. There is nothing quite like the refined image of a finely-crafted watch on your wrist. Whether attending an important function or going to a social event, an expensive watch never looks out of place.

    For people who take style seriously, Rotary Aquaspeed watches and BCBG Max Azria watches are never to be looked down upon. There are some names that ooze quality and elegance, and they will always make an impression wherever they are worn. Perhaps that is why designer watches are so popular, because they can make a strong impression at the right time on the right people in an understated and elegant manner.

    A pricey watch is also an impressive status symbol. There is no better way to show off status in such a simple and understated manner. Without being showy, a designer watch makes the same impression on admirers but is a less obvious symbol of status.

    Designer watches also have practical reasons for being so attractive. The fact that most up-market watches are made on the back of decades of experience by master watchmakers means that they often come with a durability unmatched in other watches. Whereas some watches are not designed to last a lifetime, a good designer watch created by a respected company is something that can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

    But overall, maybe it is the simplicity of a designer time-piece that is its main appeal. In this day and age when technological advancements are constantly changing the world around us, there is some comfort to be taken in the simple, eternal familiarity of a well-made watch. It is something that no amount of technological advancements will ever be able to replace, guaranteeing that the designer watch remains a popular accessory for many generations to come.

    Designer watches such as Ladies Guess watches and Adidas watches are simple, elegant status symbols that are built to last. The enduring quality and appeal of a designer watch will make sure they are around for many years to come, but whatever the attraction for you, choose yours carefully and you’ll know that you have made a very good investment.

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    Designer watches are luxury items known to have the best performance when it comes to time keeping accuracy, durability and stylish designs. These products are produced by manufacturers who have revolved into skilled craftsmen through years of experience.

    Designer watches can be considered as masterpieces of dedicated watch makers whose aim is to produce quality products with refined finish and thus, fulfil the satisfaction of their loyal customers. Since quality is their guarantee, watch collectors and users have also established a certain relationship with them by manifesting their loyalty in buying different designs and models of watches.

    People may differ with it comes to the idea of buying a watch but generally, they will agree that designer watches’ performance are far beyond excellence. No wonder why, everybody would like to own them.

    There are also unknown brands producing similar designs with that of designer watches but they can never surpass nor equate the latter’s performance. Aside from the aspect of design, luxury items are far more advantageous than any other product types.

    Designer brands of watches also offer plenty of designs to choose from to suit individual preferences. You can choose to have trendy or classical designs or even go for some models in limited edition for a more unique piece.

    Whatever the brand you prefer as long as it is within the row of brands producing quality luxurious products, you can never go wrong with your choices. These brands can really offer you amazing buys of watches.

    Reward yourself with these kinds of watches for all the hard work you have done. It’s quite overwhelming to note when you can invest some of your hard earned income to durable accessories. These kinds of accessories do not only give you the look you deserve but an accurate time too keeping you updated of appointments and deadlines.

    Whether you are a career woman or man, an executive, a sports enthusiast, a student or a plain mom staying at home, designer watches are your perfect match. You can choose to have casual, sports, diver and elegant watches for formal occasions. Think of any watch you desire and designer brands have it all.

    The value of designer watches is worth its price. It slowly depreciates through time, thus, it has high resale value. They are classical watches and become vintage sought after by people and watch collectors. When your watch has rare design or if it belongs to a limited edition, its value will increase even if you have already used it for several years. They are not disposable items, so you can have battery and parts replacement without affecting its time keeping performance.

    There are authorized dealers of watches and make sure you have to buy from them. Brands producing famous watches are known for its continuing pursuit to customer satisfaction. As buyers, you are assured of not just excellent products but also superb customer support that other brands are not providing. The best choice of time keeping accessory is the kind of watch produced by renowned manufacturers of designer watches.

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    Ladies’ Designer Watches – With the numerous numbers of watches coming from different brands, not to mention the replicas, the truth remains- designer watches are more advantageous than any other watches.

    Yes, luxury items are expensive, so the ladies designer watches are. Brands that are manufacturing these kinds of watches have designed the most expensive, yet the most impressive watch all over the world. The price attached to these watches speak of the quality they possess. Thus, many people would like to own them.

    The following are only few of the advantages that buyers of ladies designer watch claim and should be known by those who would prefer to have low-priced watches from unfamiliar brands.

    A piece of timeless personal value – Think of ladies designer watches as classical at the same time trendy. If you have bought it several years ago, you will notice that it never gone out of style. You can still wear it without having fear of being teased as out fashioned. You will still impress your friends with its unfading colours, unscratched faces and bands and most of all your time is still updated. You can even pass it on to your kids and they will surely love it.

    The reputation of the brand – As mentioned, designer watches are from famous brands that are producing quality products. The reputation of these brands is basically founded on the kind of item they are selling to their respective costumers. These brands have been known to its excellent craftsmanship; thus, needless to say, you will never go wrong of choices when you speak about ladies designer watches. It’s so overwhelming to be recognized as user of brand known worldwide. This only means, you are for quality and durable items.

    Timeless market value -T he ladies designer watch will appreciate its value through time especially if it belongs to a limited edition. Watch collectors are willing to buy it even at higher cost. If you try to look at used watch auction in the internet, you can see pre-owned watches still sold at high prices.

    Manufacturer’s extended product support – The manufacturer’s of ladies designer watch are just within reach should you need some product support like parts replacement and warranty claims. Their authorized dealers strategically located worldwide are readily available also. They have contacts with the manufacturers for replacement should this case arise but it rarely happens with designer watches. There are also authorized service centres to take care of some repairs, battery replacements and product check ups.

    Now, can your watch’s brand beat these advantages that ladies watches have? You better shift your choice to designer watches now and experience what it takes to own a long lasting quality watch. Your kind of brand may just offer trendy styles, cheaper costs, stunning looks but all of these will never last longer than ladies designer watches do. With designer watches, you will never have to replace your watch more often unlike other kinds of watches.

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    Buying Designer Watches For Ladies & Men in Dubai – Now a days it is difficult to determine what constitutes a designer watch as opposed to a normal one. Designer watches were born out of the fashion industry with famous designer brands like Armani, Cartier, D&G, Sesky, DKNY and Guess launching their own ranges of watches. The design of these is very fashion orientated and often in line with the latest fads and couture ranges. These designer brands offer a wide range particularly when buying watches for women.

    They also offer jewellery & bracelet watches many of which go well with their jewellery accessories. If you are buying for a fashion orientated person then you will need to have a specific look or dress in mind that the designer watch will go with. You can then accessories with earrings, neckwear or wrist wear jewellery either from the same fashion designer or any one you like.

    However we cannot forget the traditional luxury watch makers whom have a history in making classic time pieces for men. This then developed to wrist watches for women and men. Now they are also attuned with fashion designs of the modern day and put a lot of thought into watch design. This has resulted in multi-functional watches made with precision engineering that are also very fashionable in design. So it is not surprising that famous watch makers like Tissot, Hamilton, Breitling & Timex are now making designer watches as well.

    If you are looking to buy watches for men then consider whether they are gadgets lovers or would prefer a classic and clean looking watch design. Tissot does the T-Touch Titanium watch suitable for both women and men. It is made of Titanium, comes with compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer and is water resistant to 30 meters. This, one of many designer watches manufactured by Tissot, comes with a two year warranty.

    There are also watch designs based on themes like sporting events, famous celebrities or whatever is the latest fashionable fad. If the man you are buying a watch for is a petrol head or a sports fan then you will find a number of watch designs themed on famous sporting events like the Moto GP or the Olympics. There are a huge number of sports watches on offer that also look like designer watches.

    For a classic clean look go for chronograph watches from Armani, Oris, Hamilton or Tissot for men. For the ladies then Armani, D&G, Rotary & Hamilton ladies watches are a must. These are designer watches yet maintain a classic clean look.

    Price of these watches depends on materials, functionality, craftsmanship and watch brand. The more expensive designer brands can increase in worth over time particularly if the watch is part of a limited edition.

    Two of the more popular designer watches are Tag Heuer & Rollex. Antique watches from Rollex are worth a great deal of money and so buying a Rollex today is a good investment. That is not to say that any of the designer watches won’t become highly valued in the future so make sure you always by from an authorised dealer with manufacturer’s warranty.

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    Are you looking for luxury watches and designer watches? Are you being overwhelmed by the hefty price tags you see for these items? If you are serious and you want to buy luxury watches and designer watches either for yourself or for loved ones, you should not despair. It is possible to buy discount watches and designer watches, there are several ways to do it. This article will help you find the best watches you will enjoy. Before we begin, it may be helpful to know why products like watches carry a hefty price tag.

    First and foremost, luxury watches cost much because of the functionalities, design and mechanism that goes with it. Some luxury watches are passed on for generations and still function properly like the time when it was bought. You pay for the materials and craftsmanship of the watch that makes it cost much.

    For designer watches, they usually carry the same aesthetic design and mechanism that luxury watches have. While these watches are usually a bit cheaper than luxury watches, they still carry a higher price tag compared to popular brands. Now, if you are looking for discount luxury and designer watches, it may be difficult but it is not impossible.

    How to find discount luxury and designer watches? First, is to look for discount luxury watches and designer watches online. You will see that the price tags of these products are usually cheaper as compared to brick and mortar stores.

    Why is this so? The advent of ecommerce allows online stores to purchase products like watches right from the manufacturers.

    Secondly, online websites do not need to keep inventory and hire manpower. Thus, the overhead of online stores are usually lower. If the overhead is lower, they can offer the products they sell lower as well. Usually, products like watches are 20% to 30% cheaper online as compared to brick and mortar stores.

    Another way to find discount watches is to look for discount websites. Discount websites usually keep a number of luxury watch and designer watch vendors in their website. Because there are several vendors vying for sales within this website, they usually provide different offers and promotions. Discounts may vary and thus you have to look for the best price possible.

    Another way to find discount luxury watches and designer watches is to research the existing inventory. Some manufacturers usually change designs and offering often to get past their competitors. Some of the old designs will then be offered at a discount.

    While it is possible to find these watches online, you have to be careful and scrutinize the offer before you make a purchase. Always remember that luxury watches and designer watches are a bit expensive, if you find an offer that seem too much, shy away from it. Remember that if the offer is too good to be true, surely it is.

    Likewise, you have to research the online vendor before you make a purchase. Look for as much feedback as possible to ensure that you trust your money only to reputable online stores. Your hard-earned money needs to be spent wisely and doing your research if your best defense against online fraudsters. Discount luxury watches and designer watches are available but be sure to check it out before parting with your money.

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